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Tell me more about the Lifetime Quality Guarantee? Are there some weird loopholes that I should know about?

Nope – no weird loopholes. We offer a Lifetime Quality Guarantee on all of our dresses, which means that if you ever have an issue with the quality of any of our garments, please return (at no cost to you) for a complimentary repair or replacement.

This doesn’t cover things like stains (though most of our materials are stain resistant) or if you intentionally destroy the garment in some way. But anything related to quality? Yes. 100% 

Seams coming apart? A button pops off? Send it back to us.

Though, the reason we offer this guarantee is that we’re pretty confident you won’t have to use it! That’s the beauty of something made with craftsmanship and care. Rest assured though, if there is an issue, we’ll take care of it!

Your dressmakers are paid 3x a living wage. Why not just a regular living wage?

A living wage is great but it’s not enough for the level of quality and craftsmanship that goes into our dresses. Ethical production is one of our highest priorities. 

Are your dresses sustainable?

Yes, and it’s something we take extremely seriously. We prioritize sustainability in three ways: 1) by using sustainable materials and 2) by thoughtfully and meticulously designing our dresses so that you actually love them and want to wear them because they are exceedingly functional, and 3) through maximizing wear with our Lifetime Quality Guarantee. 

With its timeless, vintage inspired silhouette, it is entirely possible you’ll pass this dress on to your own daughters someday. 

Are your dresses made in the USA?

All our dresses are made in the USA. Many of our fabrics are knitted and printed in the USA as well. Ethical production is extremely important to us.

Do you only ship within the USA?

Not only are our dresses made in the USA, but we also only ship within the USA. That’s intentional. It’s part of our commitment to sustainability. Decreasing shipping and transportation costs, and the effects those have on the environment. There is often (usually) no need to ship clothing half-way around the world. Design better products, buy fewer of them, decrease waste. If you want to have this dress in your country, contact a local dressmaker and make it happen! Local over global, all day long. 

What kind of sustainable fabrics do you use? 

  1. Fabrics purchased at a local, family-owned fabric store
  2. Fabrics purchased through partnership with the print-on-demand supplier in the USA
  3. Fabrics obtained from vintage sources

Buying fabrics made and/or distributed from the USA keeps shipping and transportation costs low. Our on-demand supplier in the USA specifically only prints what is ordered, knits and prints our fabrics in the USA, using only a *thimble* of water (unlike the 100 2-Liter gallons most factories use to produce the same amount of material). The pigment inks meet the Oeko-Tex 100 requirements to be free of restricted chemicals and are mixed from 4-8 basic colors as your fabric is printed, so unlike screen printing, there’s no mixing of colors in advance. 

This is part of how we reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable world. 

Are your fabrics 100% naturally dyed and made from natural fibers like linen or hemp?

No, they aren’t – not yet, anyway. 

However, because of our superb, functional design, these dresses are going to be something that you actually wear and love, not only during pregnancy and postpartum, but for YEARS after. Natural fabrics like linen or hemp, or even Tencel, don’t have the functionality that I’m looking for. It needs to be able to be machine washed cold, hung to dry, with no ironing. It needs to have stretch. It needs to be resistant to stain and things like dog hair. I just can’t find all that with natural fibers. Not to the level of quality I’m looking for. Not yet, anyway.

Who cares how “sustainably” something was made, if it’s only going to end up in the landfill next year, just like all that stuff from Target? (No offense, Target – I’ve spent plenty there, too.)

We do line the upper torso in both the girls and women’s dresses with 100% organic cotton knitted and printed in the USA. The torso area, the area that touches the body the most, is lined. But the outer portion of the garment still has all the qualities I mention above, and is therefore more functional, and therefore you will love wearing it, wear it more often, and actually … become so addicted to how good it makes you feel you’ll begin to resent all your other poorly designed clothing. 

And one more thing about good design: the 100% organic cotton lining the upper torso also has two-way stretch – important for the functionality as you go about your day – and makes it less likely that the seams will come apart with repeated wear. 

What do you do with any fabric scraps leftover? 

By the way, we never send unused scraps of fabric for NANCY DEMARIA dresses to the landfill. It’s collected and sent to programs such as the RARE Bear sew-in, a grassroots outreach initiative for kids with rare diseases, inpartnership with Spoonflower. Fabric that doesn’t meet the Spoonflower high standards never makes it to the landfill in the U.S. either, as is shredded for industrial applications like car upholstery and furniture stuffing, bedding and flooring.

You keep mentioning how functional and well-designed these dresses are.. To me it just looks like a normal dress. Please illuminate me.

My pleasure! 🙂 Here are just the functional design aspects of the dress, not to mention the sustainability and ethical production considerations: 

  • Sleeves that reach your elbows – for some reason, so hard to find on most dresses
  • V-neck to expose the beautiful decolleage area, and add intrigue while not being so low it becomes unwearable
  • A higher waist to hide any weight gain if so desired
  • Pleats in the front and back to add volume to the skirt so you can easily move
  • Buttons up top for nursing (and decoration) and inside of button area lined with batting to reinforce that area – so it doesn’t lose shape from lots of buttoning and unuttoning. Buttons do NOT go all the way down, so your legs aren’t exposed through the little openings.
  • Made of materials that do not require a lining, spanx, or a slip.
  • 100% organic cotton inside the upper torso – so that is the part that’s touching your skin the most – in the girls and women’s dresses. 
  • The ingenious nursing cover! (You don’t have to actually be nursing to wear the nursing cover! It elevates the whole outfit, even when you’re long past the nursing stage). If you don’t want your chest exposed while nursing, You can wear the nursing cover – instead of lugging around a cover of some sort. Who wants one more thing to lug around in a diaper bag/purse? 
  • The girls dress is double-hemmed at the bottom so that you (or your tailor) can release it as she grows. Many children outgrow dresses length-wise before they get too big for the upper portion. This extends the wear of the dress. Hem it back up for the younger sibling when you pass it down. 
  • The ditsy daisy pattern hides stains and dirt. The polyester/spandex blend for the rest of the dresses is stain/dog hair-resistant.
  • All the Spoonflower polyester blend and 100% organic cotton fabrics have 2-way stretch – decreasing the likelihood of seams opening with repeated wear, allowing stretch as you move about.

Give me some ideas on how to style this dress for errands, date night, meetings, etc.

For errands, pair with a pair of slip on sneakers, and fun earrings.

For being at home with kids, playing outside or working in the garden, please with rainboots or clogs and an understated stud.

For date night, add heels, hoops, and a fun purse.

For meetings, be sure to wear the nursing cover (you don’t have to actually be nursing to wear the nursing cover!) It elevates the whole outfit, even when you’re long past the nursing stage. Heels with a fun print if black, and a high pony.

Will you create a custom dress using a specific color?

Why, YES, we love custom orders! Is there a color you’d love but you don’t see? Want us to design a custom fabric for you? We are open to discussing any and all collaborations. In fact, if you want guidance on what colors look best on you, we’ll help you with that too. A timeless, well-designed silhouette in with *your* color = divine!

Why do you rarely put your products on sale?

We do not put our products on sale. Their value is assigned based on materials and fair labor practices, which are unaffected by the traditional commercial consumption cycle.

This company is amazing! I wish I would have known about them when I was a new mom!

I know, right?

We’ll let you in on a little secret, though.

These dresses are great for new moms…and beyond. Age ain’t nothing but a number. Go ahead, try one for yourself, regardless of how “new” of a mom you are, or if you’re not even a mom at all! They are timelessly and exquisitely designed for the female form, no matter the stage of life.